Piano Repairs

I undertake all aspects of piano repair from minor repairs to full rebuilds including re-stringing.

Most minor repairs I undertake on site at the time of tuning, this reduces travelling time and
cost to the customer.

Action rebuilds require the piano action ( playing mechanism ) to be taken away to be reconditioned by myself and returned when the work is complete.

Another important part of piano rebuilding is regulating the piano once the work has been completed.

Regulating the piano involves making adjustments to the piano action and key bed making
sure the depth of touch is the same throughout the piano.
Adjustments are made to the action so that each note is as responsive as the next, giving
an even touch.
This can sometimes be a time consuming process, but is essential to achieving an even touch
throughout the piano.

The cost of repairing pianos does vary from piano to piano. I look at pianos individually and
assess what work needs doing, then quote on the type of repair needed.

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